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Live Band / Cover Band BRUZZLER Liveband Bruzzler features the hits of: and the highlight of the show Hear the sound of a full liveband! Powerful guitar-riffs, drivin' boogie-grooves and arrangements are delivered in the styles of the original artists. Top sound quality comparable to CD and party-feeling that's what this unique one man show is all about!

Cover Band BRUZZLER, Live Band How can one musician produce the sound of a complete liveband ?
With the most advanced electronics. "BRUZZLER" uses sequencers in the same way they are used in virtually all modern pop recordings. Accompanying instruments (such as bass & drums) are triggered by the sequencers, providing a solid rhythm for his exciting live performance.

Is this Playback ?
No - WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. "BRUZZLER" sings and plays live! The live performance always stays in the foreground.

References: ZZ Top Hot Rod

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